Home Showbiz Rev Kumchacha calls for deliverance for Diamond Appiah amidst controversial leaked audio on Tracey Boakye

Rev Kumchacha calls for deliverance for Diamond Appiah amidst controversial leaked audio on Tracey Boakye


The founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has condemned socialite, Diamond Appiah’s unscrupulous behaviour, calling for her to seek deliverance from God.

Referring to Proverbs 13:7, Rev Kumchacha highlighted the biblical wisdom that material wealth alone does not guarantee inner fulfilment. He criticized Appiah’s excessive talking and warned that such behaviour can lead to trouble with enemies.

“Diamond Appiah needs deliverance. If she is a billionaire it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need deliverance,” the controversial clergyman said “The bible says in Prof 13:7 There is one who makes himself rich, yet has nothing. Diamond talks too much and in this world any human being that talks too much will get into trouble with your enemies.”

During his appearance on ‘Biribi Gyegye Wo’ show with Mona Gucci on Onua TV, Rev Kumchacha also advised Tracey Boakye to dissociate herself from friends like Diamond Appiah because they were envious of her.

“I like Tracey Boakye a lot  I almost married her and someone did overtaking. She is very humble and respectful. But she doesn’t have good friends and they’ll backtrack her,” he advised.

According to Kumchacha, Diamond Appiah and blogger, Nana Brown are vicious women who dabble in sinister behaviour and described them as birds of the same feather.

“Diamond and Nana Brown are bad people. They’re really birds of the same feather. Diamond is 55 years old and acting like a child,” he pointed out.

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Rev Kumchacha further referenced Proverbs 9:13, which warns against the behaviour of a foolish woman who talks excessively. He also cited Diamond Appiah’s public insult directed at Media mogule, Osei Kwame Despite as an example of disrespectful behaviour.

“The Bible says in  Prov 9:13 that a foolish woman talks a lot and this is how Diamond is behaving. You remember a year ago she came out to insult Osei Kwame Despite and that was disrespectful. She’s disgraceful. Diamond should look for a husband instead of hating on Tracey Boakye,” he said

Rev Kumchacha’s criticism of Diamond Appiah stems from the ongoing controversy over leaked audio conversations between the socialite and her ex-best friend, Nana Brown which has raised further eyebrows.

In one conversation with Naana Brown, Appiah cast doubt on the longevity of Tracey Boakye’s marriage, claiming that divination by a female spiritualist predicted its collapse.

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Appiah derided the union, referring to it as a “stupid marriage” and asserting that even children could sense its imminent failure.

Another audio conversation revealed Appiah and Brown deliberately boycotting the christening of Boakye’s baby as a means of teaching her a lesson. Appiah mocked the event’s lack of online trending, attributing it to their intentional lack of promotion on social media. Her laughter during the conversation stirred controversy and raised questions about the sincerity of her friendship with Boakye.

Rev Kumchacha’s statements and the revelations from the leaked audio have intensified the public debate surrounding Diamond Appiah’s behaviour and standing in society.

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