Home Showbiz Sally Mann calls for companies to strip Sarkodie of all his ambassadorial deals amid Yvonne Nelson controversy

Sally Mann calls for companies to strip Sarkodie of all his ambassadorial deals amid Yvonne Nelson controversy


Controversial pundit, Sally Mann-Frimpong has sparked a heated debate by advocating for all of Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie‘s endorsement deals to be revoked.


Mann’s call comes in response to allegations that Sarkodie left actress Yvonne Nelson alone at the hospital during a sensitive time.

Speaking on Power FM, Sally Mann expressed her disapproval of Sarkodie’s alleged actions and condemned him unequivocally.

“You left someone’s daughter at the hospital to go through an abortion procedure in your name? What was he thinking?” She queried

According to the entertainment pundit,  such behaviours disqualified him from serving as an idol or role model for anyone and insisted that he should face consequences for his actions.

“I am advocating that all endorsement deals Sarkodie have should be stripped off and the reason I am doing that is because he left Yvonne Nelson to her fate on that very day at the hospital. Yvonne was bleeding when they got to the hospital for the abortion and he left her. This alone means he is not fit to be an idol for anybody,” she submitted.

Further buttressing her point, Sally Mann questioned what might have happened if Nelson’s condition had worsened or if she had experienced complications.

“What if Yvonne Nelson died? Morally he is not fit to be a role model to anyone. Someone will say nobody put a gun to Yvonne’s head. But sometimes when a woman gets pregnant and her parents reject it and her man accepts it, it gives her that hope that he will take care of her. Sarkodie is not fit to be called a celebrity. He should apologize to Yvonne Nelson. He should apologize for abandoning her at the hospital,” she fumed.

Mann further drew comparisons to similar incidents involving international celebrities, such as Chris Brown, Tiger Woods, and T.I.

She noted that in those cases, endorsement deals were stripped away due to their controversial actions or legal issues.

“When Chris Brown beat Rihanna, he was stripped of all his endorsement deals. Tiger Woods went through the same. T.I, was stripped off his endorsement deals for drug possession,” she stated.

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Sally Mann’s comments comes on the back off the release of Yvonne Nelson’s riveting memoir, I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON, where the actress revealed that her affair with Sarkodie ended in pregnancy but he refused to take responsibility and asked her to abort it.

She wrote, “On an ordinary day, I would have laughed out loud and that would trigger a string of jolly conversations and jokes. But this was no laughing matter. It was a grim piece of information that was capable of turning my world upside down. I wasn’t the only one responsible for the situation, so I called the man whose potent seed had germinated in me. His name is Michael Owusu Addo, a renowned Ghanaian musician who is better known as Sarkodie.

The book offers a glimpse into the personal triumphs and challenges that the author has faced throughout her life, while also shedding light on the often-concealed realities of the celebrity world.

Nelson’s memoir serves as a powerful platform for her to share her experiences, providing readers with an intimate understanding of her journey and the lessons she has learned along the way.

However, since its release, the most talked about topic in the book is her relationship with Sarkodie and how he left her at the abortion clinic all to herself.



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