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Shatta Wale Faces Backlash for Comparing Ghana’s Music Industry to Nigeria’s


Ghanaian Dancehall musician Shatta Wale has found himself yet again in the midst of controversy following comments he made during a past episode of Showbiz 360, where he drew comparisons between the music industries of Ghana and Nigeria.


His remarks have sparked a flurry of reactions on social media, with netizens expressing both agreement and dissent.

During the 2022 episode, Shatta Wale commented on the differences between the two countries’ music scenes, stating that Nigerians prioritize show business over conflict.

“Nigerians are too smart to show business rather than fight. When you check their music industry they don’t have beef or who is better than this one. All the songs they sing about are music or love songs and songs people want to hear. But hear people will sing a song and say “I’m King” from where ??” he queried, allegedly referring to Stonebwoy who uses the title to assert their supremacy.

He praised the Nigerian music industry for its focus on music and love songs that resonate with listeners, while also highlighting its absence of internal rivalries and titles such as “King of Rap.”

“Ghana Music we even have God. Someone will say 1Gad. Nigerian you won’t hear that. Like the way Micheal Jackson did his music. Here in Ghana, you’ll hear king of rap, king of rap,” he shared.

‘The Dancehall King’ singer contended that while talent is undoubtedly a gift, the introduction of competition can lead to a loss of focus.

“Nigeria there’s nothing like that Basically they do music but we here compete with the music. We are here fighting,” he revealed

He emphasized that the competitive nature of the Ghanaian music scene often leads to distractions, undermining the original purpose of making music.

“Talent is a gift but the moment we try to put it in a competition way, we lose focus that’s why most of them lost focus and Shatta Wale showed them the way,” he argued.

However, these comments have not been universally well-received as netizens took to social media platforms on Friday, August 11, 2023 to share their thoughts.

Some pointed out what they perceive as inconsistencies in Shatta Wale’s own actions, referencing his involvement in past music beefs and controversies.

“Shatta always proving Arnold Baidoe right. Most confused and inconsistent artiste in Ghana,” the user said.

One user sarcastically referenced Shatta Wale’s song “Dancehall King ina de whole Ghana” as an example that might contradict his assertion that Nigerians primarily sing about love and music.

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Another user noted Shatta Wale’s history of disputes with fellow artists, suggesting that his own behaviour contradicts his remarks about the absence of conflicts in the Nigerian music industry.

“But this guy is the only musician that beef his colleges here in Ghana so what is he talking about? One Gad is far gone he’s still here talking about him,” another fan commented.

Criticism also revolved around the perception of Shatta Wale as an artist who has at times been inconsistent in his statements and actions.

Some users questioned the legitimacy of his comments, considering his own involvement in the competitive and conflict-driven aspects of the Ghanaian music scene.


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