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Social media fans react to Baphomet symbol projected at Black Sherif’s debut concert in New York


Ghanaian sensation, Black Sherif‘s debut concert at the Palladium in New York City has stirred up a wave of social media reactions following the projection of the Baphomet symbol during his performance.

The incident which took place at the highly anticipated event on Saturday, May 20, 2023, drew a significant crowd of fans and music enthusiasts.

The Baphomet symbol, often associated with occultism and Satanic imagery, appeared on the backdrop of the stage while Black Sherif was delivering his captivating performance.

This unexpected visual element which was shared via micro-blogging site on Monday, May 22, 203 has sparked a flurry of discussions and debates on the social media channel, with fans expressing their surprise, confusion, and concern over its inclusion in the concert.

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Ghanaian PR expert and MC, Portfoliothemc who shared the video online questioned the rationale behind the move but was quick to suggest that it was just ‘Art’

“Freedom of religion and association but I hope this is just “ART” mask???????????????????? BLACKO may be aware and understands what the USA organisers did and his management may be aware too. If it’s a strategy to get the world talking too I hope it’ doesn’t appear spiritually expensive ????????congrats,” he tweeted

Many social media users have taken to social media to share their thoughts and reactions to the incident.

Some expressed their disappointment, stating that they expected a different kind of visual presentation and were taken aback by the use of such controversial symbolism.

Others speculated on the possible intentions behind the inclusion of the Baphomet symbol, questioning whether it was a deliberate artistic choice or a technical error.

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“Was thinking same that it may be just art,” a Twitter user commented

Supporters of Blacko have also rallied to defend the artist, emphasizing the need to separate the symbol from his musical talent and message.

Radio host, Erskine Amo Whyte added his two cents to the debacle online. He wrote, “Portfolio my brother, trust me eh!! Spiritually, this can never ever be expensive that the power God has put in the boys brand! Ah you think God can be defeated by a picture of his opps? The Almighty God we know? Kai! We didn’t see the speed he put the boy on? It is art p3!”

They argued that the inclusion of the symbol might have been intended as a thought-provoking element rather than an endorsement of any particular belief system.

“So you guys still don’t realize this Artwork is to depict his album ‘The VILLAIN I never was’ ? So this is to represent a Villian Not any Baphomet,” another social media user asserted.

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As the news of the Baphomet symbol projection continues to spread, it has also ignited a wider conversation about artistes who have been linked to occultic groups and societies including Sarkodie, Rihanna and Jay-Z and the impact of such rumours on their family and friends

Black Sherif and his management have gone mute on the incident and it remains to be seen how this incident will affect Black Sherif’s career and the perception of his music or the impact of visual elements on audience interpretation.



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