Social Media reacts to heartfelt 35th wedding anniversary celebration of the late Ebony Reigns’ parents


Fans of the late Ghanaian music sensation, Priscilla Opoku Kwarteng, known and fondly remembered as Ebony Reigns, have reacted to her parent’s celebration of their 35th wedding anniversary.

Ebony passed away in an untimely manner in 2018, leaving a lasting impact on her music.

The heartfelt ceremony filled with both joy and nostalgia has captured the attention of social media as the spotlight shone brightly on the parents of the late singer.

Starboy Kwarteng and Madam Beatrice Oppong Marthin, who had previously been separated, took this opportunity to reignite their love and renew their marital vows, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to each other.

Prior to the official ceremony, the couple shared intimate moments of them wearing matching outfits online.

Videos capturing the anniversary celebration were shared by Ebony’s sister, Happy Opoku Kwarteng, on Instagram, and they quickly spread across social media platforms.

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Fans couldn’t help but share their thoughts on the event on Social media

A user wrote, “Star boy is vibe ????????????????” while another commended the couple “Daddy, we are proud of you thank you for making happy our very dear mom longue vie à vous deux”

An Instagram fan also pointed out that the union will make their deceased daughter very happy. “Ebony will be so so happy I’m so happy for Mr &Mrs we thank God ????????????,” he wrote.

The footage depicted the couple in their resplendent attire, with Ebony’s mother adorned in a stunning emerald green gown that perfectly complemented her dapper-looking husband in his stylish grey suit.

Together, they joyfully danced to the tune of Dada KD’s “Fathia Fa Ta Nkrumah” song, embodying the spirit of their enduring love and creating a truly heartwarming scene.

Happy Opoku Kwarteng captioned the video with heartfelt words, “It’s been God since StarboyLiz4Lyf,” signifying the deep faith and blessings that have guided their journey as a couple and as a family.

The anniversary celebration took place at the deluxe Sunyani Tyco City Hotel, providing a fitting backdrop for the couple’s special milestone.

Surrounded by loved ones and well-wishers, the event became a testament to the enduring power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.


Watch the full video below


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