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Tensions Rise, Food Wastage and Bonds Break: Highlights from Day 11 in the #PerfectMatchXtra house


Day 11 in the Perfect Match Xtra House brought a mix of emotions and conflicts among the housemates.

From health concerns to trust issues and confrontations, the day was filled with dramatic moments that kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

At 11:00 am, Sandra shared with Dzato that her body was still adjusting to the new environment, expressing that she didn’t feel well. This sparked concerns among the housemates as they empathized with her discomfort.

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Later on, tensions arose when Bebelino revealed feeling betrayed by some of the housemates, indicating a fracture in the relationships within the house. The feeling of betrayal seemed to resonate with other housemates as well, including Bella.

Food became a topic of discussion as Bella complained that most housemates didn’t eat the breakfast prepared by Grace, leading to wastage. This issue further escalated when Gyato admitted to having similar concerns about food wastage, aligning with Bella’s viewpoint.

Emotions ran high as personal connections were revealed. Lovelyn shared that Etornam could be a father figure to her daughter, highlighting the depth of their bond. Ali reflected on Ruth feeling neglected due to giving her space to interact with others, emphasizing the challenges of maintaining relationships in the house.

Trust became a central theme as Sandra expressed her lack of trust in anyone, although she clarified that she didn’t hold anything against Grace. Meanwhile, Sandra revealed her admiration for Etornam and Lovelyn, showcasing the complex dynamics of relationships within the house.

In the evening, Miss Nancy conducted a grooming session for the housemates, offering a moment of relaxation and self-care amidst the ongoing tensions.

However, the peace was short-lived as conflicts resurfaced. Housemates confronted Grace for spoiling the blender and allegedly lying about something earlier in the day, leading to heated exchanges.

The day took a particularly emotional turn when Etornam became upset during a game. Hurt by a comment made about Lovelyn’s appearance, he stormed out and engaged in a conversation with the others.

The situation escalated as emotions ran high, leaving Lovelyn in tears and Bella seeking solace in the washroom.


The day ended with tensions unresolved and hearts broken.

As Lovelyn resorted to drinking and Bella found herself in tears, viewers were left to wonder how the relationships within the house would evolve and if conflicts could be resolved.

Day 11 in the Perfect Match Xtra House showcased the complexities of human interactions and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with living together.

As viewers eagerly anticipate Day 12 in the reality house, it remains to be seen how the housemates would navigate their differences and find common ground amidst the challenges they faced.

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