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There’s so much hardship going on in Ghana economically and politically – Black Sherif speaks on state of the nation


Ghanaian music superstar, Black Sherif has spoken out on the economic and political challenges faced by Ghanaians especially the youth in recent times.


While his music may not directly delve into politics, it is undeniable that the socio-economic and political climate of the country influences his work.

Credit: OkayAfrica

In a recent interview with OkayAfrica, Sherif expressed his concern about the hardships faced by Ghanaians, both economically and politically.

He highlighted the struggles people endure due to inflation, making it difficult for them to afford basic necessities like petrol and food.

“There’s so much hardship going on in Ghana economically, and politically. People are suffering from inflation. They can’t afford petrol or food,” Sherif expressed with a mix of concern and frustration.

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However, he also noted the irony of how Ghanaians come alive during the nighttime, seeking solace in the vibrant nightlife that often features highlife music.

“But then when the sun sets, everyone comes out in a crowd like, ’yeah, man, we’re outsiddee!’ So, it’s like there’s so many complaints, but from night to dawn we are in the moment,” he observed

For Sherif, his music serves as a voice for the frustrated figures in the city, including himself. While he may not be originally from Accra, he has come to embrace it as he pursues his dreams and navigates the challenges of love, entertainment, and survival.

According to Sherif, he was unhoused, facing his own personal struggles during the recording of his first album.

Despite this, he maintains an unwavering belief in the possibilities life offers.

“I kind of talk for a frustrated figure in the city, a frustrated boy,” Sherif explains. “I’m not from the city, but I live in the city. I came to chase a life and dream there. From love to entertainment to survival. Driving out there, I’m testing my limits.”

The ‘Kweku Frimpong’ singer’s resilience is evident as he recounted his self-taught skills including skating and how he mastered BMX freestyle within an hour.

Credit: Okay Africa

“I learned how to skate in 30 minutes. I taught myself BMX freestyle in an hour. I feel like nothing is impossible in this world,” he swears. His palms face the sky as if to ask the universe why not? “If I want to be a pop star, I can fucking be a pop star. This is how I thought since year two of school.”

Black Sherif’s music serves as a conduit for the conversations that need to be had about the realities of life in Ghana.

Ghana is currently grappling with economic uncertainties and the first traction of an IMF bailout has just been recently received which has been met with lethargy by the populace.

Black Sherif’s music stands as proof of the transformative power of art. By acknowledging the economic and political hardships experienced by individuals, he taps into a shared experience and offers solace and connection through his music.


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