Young and Fabulous: How I came up with the name Chocolate Shot It- Chocolate Shot it


The latest episode of “Young and Fabulous,” features Ghanaian photographer Prince Raymond Ohemeng popularly known as Chocolate Shot It.

Chocolate_Shot_it stands out as an award-winning celebrity photographer who has made a mark in Ghana’s photography space. He started taking photos of his friends in the year 2017 and has built a brand since then.

However, in the latest episode of Young and Fabulous, he explained how he derived the name “Chocolate Shot It”.

He said, “I was just thinking, what name should I use? The name people call me back in level 100 from university is chocolate so most people did not even know my real name. First I started with Chocolate photography and then I googled it and realised a lot of people use that name. I asked people and the names they brought up did not help. I thought of this Nigerian videographer  Clarence shot it, I told myself he is Nigerian and I am Ghanaian so I can add shot it to my name and decided to go with Chocolate shot it.” 

Stay tuned for more captivating insights from Chocolate Shot It and other notable rising stars on Young and Fabulous. This season’s “Young and Fabulous” is a captivating journey of discovery, providing viewers with a closer look at these remarkable individuals and the stories that have shaped their success. It currently airs on TV3’s Facebook and YouTube platforms. 

Stay tuned for more engaging revelations from Chocolate Shot It and other notable rising stars, as Young and Fabulous unfolds its captivating stories.

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