Arhinful reveals collapse of aluminum business due to close friends’ mismanagement


Former Ghana footballer Augustine Arhinful has opened up about a significant financial setback, disclosing that his once-thriving distribution business, a key player for Unilever and Nestle in Ghana, collapsed due to betrayal and mismanagement.

The former Borussia Dortmund forward, who had played for various teams, including stints in the Turkish Super League, delved into entrepreneurial ventures as a means to secure financial stability for his post-retirement life. Unfortunately, the business he established in Ghana faced a downfall due to mismanagement by his close friends, ultimately leading to its collapse.

Arhinful revealed on Onua FM, “I used to be one of the key distributors for Ghana when it comes to Unilever and Nestle. In the whole of Ghana, we were just about 10 or 9 major distributors.” He continued, “If I tell you the volumes of money that went in, but today the business is no more because the people that I entrusted the money to them including my lawyer who is supposed to help us, did their thing to the extent that the business collapsed.”

The former footballer expressed the emotional toll of the betrayal, stating, “A whole aluminum factory that I had with a partner collapsed.” He highlighted the challenges of trusting individuals in business, emphasizing the disappointment he faced from those he considered family and partners.

“Many individuals in the lives of these players do not assist. Some of us have experienced this phase in life, where people we considered as brothers and family members disappoint us profoundly. At times, it makes you reluctant to extend help to anyone again.”

The former Borussia Dortmund forward further imparts advice to young footballers, emphasising the importance of prioritising investments and saving for the future.

“I would advise [current footballers] that if they are uncertain, consider options like fixed deposits, treasury bills, bonds, or property to secure and save their money. When you retire, you can then explore investment opportunities. I speak from personal experience,” added Arhinful.

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