Carlo Ancelotti bags honourary doctorate at the University of Parma


Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has been honoured with an honourary doctorate by the University of Parma.

The 64-year-old, who is renowned for his managerial success, including four Champions League titles, was awarded a Master’s degree in Theory and Methods of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities.

Ancelotti, dressed in a traditional academic robe and a distinctive furry hat, received his degree during a ceremony at the University of Parma. The honourary degree in “Sciences and Techniques of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activity” celebrates his remarkable 44-year career in the world of football. The degree was conferred by the Medicine and Surgery Department of the university.

During the ceremony, Ancelotti delivered a speech titled ‘Football, a way of life,’ reflecting on his long and illustrious career. He was joined by former AC Milan managers Arrigo Sacchi and Ariedo Braida, who were in the audience to celebrate his achievement.

The former Chelsea boss received a standing ovation from the attendees as he expressed his gratitude to his family and friends for their support throughout his career.

In his speech, Ancelotti spoke about the importance of passion in his long and successful career stating, “Sport has been a great school of life for me. Some will say that I have taken few tests; in reality, I have taken many and every three days I take more.

“I will say to my players, ‘You can call me doctor.’ The strength of football is not in the individual; it is in the group. It is not the work; it is more the passion, which has allowed me to dedicate myself to football for 44 years and which you can’t buy on the market,” he further remarked.

“The unpredictability of this sport gives me a strong passion. It has never represented a sacrifice or a job. I was like that at 15 years old, it’s still how I am today. If you don’t have passion, you can’t express yourself 100 per cent.”

Meanwhile, Ancelotti is expected to depart Real Madrid at the end of the season and take over the Brazil National team.

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