I watch a lot of football and Ronaldo is the GOAT, says visually impaired lawyer


In a remarkable testament to the power of determination and mental visualization, visually impaired lawyer Daniel Kofi Kyereh Nkrumah has declared Cristiano Ronaldo as his greatest of all time (GOAT) in football, despite acknowledging Lionel Messi’s superior talent.

Kofi Kyereh Nkrumah, who relies on sound and mental visualisation to enjoy football, shared his perspective with Berla Mundi on The Day Show on TV3.

Despite his physical limitations, he highlighted that with a well-trained brain, one can “see” with the mind, drawing a parallel to individuals who can navigate obstacles while walking with their eyes closed.

“I watch a lot of videos and football,” he said, underscoring his passion for the sport.
When asked about his favourite player, he remarked, “I don’t have a favourite player currently because players of today are not as great as Messi and Ronaldo.”

Explaining his preference for Ronaldo over Messi, Kofi Kyereh Nkrumah emphasised the Portuguese star’s unmatched work ethic. He admired Ronaldo for demonstrating that hard work can elevate one above natural talent, stating, “I think I will take Ronaldo. Messi is talented but Ronaldo puts in hard work which makes him stand out. It teaches us that regardless of one’s talent, if you put in hard work, you will supersede the talented and become better.”

Despite Messi’s recent Ballon d’Or win, Kofi Kyereh Nkrumah asserted that Manchester City’s Rodri deserved the accolade more, attributing Messi’s victory to popularity through votes and goal-scoring achievements. He expressed his admiration for Rodri, labeling him as his current favourite player.

Shifting the focus to his legal career, the visually impaired lawyer spoke confidently about his versatility and ease in navigating the field of law despite facing initial challenges during his first semester without a guide.
He emphasised that since then, he has excelled in his legal journey, showcasing resilience and adaptability.

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