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‘I’m comfortable dining at ‘chop bars’ – Anita Akuffo shares five facts about her off-set lifestyle


Renowned media personality Anita Akua Akuffo has opened up about her personal life and career revealing intriguing secrets about how she lives outside working duties.

In a recent interview with 3xtra in a bid to clarify reports about the personality of the endearing figure who captivates audiences with her on-screen charisma which has sparked curiosity over the years, the renowned host of multiple popular television shows including Ghana’s Most Beautiful and Date Rush on TV3 disclosed that she was an open person who would normally engage everybody.

According to her, despite her status as a public figure and television star, she doesn’t mind dining at local eateries, usually referred to as ‘chop bars’ where customers usually join queues to buy, sit together with other strangers around a table and eat.

Anita also shared that there are no limits to what she’s willing to do in public. She embraces her everyday experiences and reminisces about a favourite ‘kosua ne meko’ [boiled egg with pepper] vendor she once frequently patronised.

“I remember, you know, the little kiosk opposite TV3, where some lady used to sell Kosua ne meko. Now she doesn’t come again, I’m looking for that lady. I’ll go and sit there and then go and eat kosua ne meko, like four,” she told 3xtra.

The subject of another rumour which has raised eyebrows about the host of TV3’s female-dominated show, ‘Ladies Circle’ has been her relationship with the current president of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

Anita Akua Akuffo clarified that she has no relation to him despite having a similar surname. She made the amusing comment that people frequently ask about this, and she even made the President a humorous offer to adopt her. In humorous fashion, she even voiced her wish for presidential jets.

Delving deeper into her personality and her choice of accessories and apparel, it was revealed that she doesn’t indulge in pricey items like shoes or bags. She emphasised the impracticality of investing in expensive accessories, considering that they are often worn sparingly and mainly used for photoshoots. Instead, she opts for affordable items that she can wear frequently.

With emphasis on her career and the medium she prefers to work through, the eloquent media personality was straightforward with her choice—TV which has obviously made her who she is known for.

She stated: “Oh, television, any day. I love to watch myself on television, so no matter the show, pre-recorded, live, I’ll watch the playbacks, I’ll watch everything from beginning to end, and laugh all over again, feel the emotions all over again. And I absolutely love my job.”

Being a consistent co-host of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show, Anita Akuffo admitted that some evictions on the show had triggered sadness while on duty as host. She has however not gotten to the extent of shedding tears in that regard underscoring her professionalism in journalism.

“Cried? That’s too much, but I’ve been sad. But crying, Nah. The contestant is not my family member. I’ve never cried,” she concluded.

Watch 3xtra’s latest interview with Anita Akua Akuffo below


By Malise Kofi Omoloye|3xtra.tv|Ghana

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