Osebo is inspiring KiDi to wear kilted shorts – Social media netizens declare


Ghanaian musician KiDi, widely recognized for his musical talents, has sent tongues wagging on social media for his latest fashion choices.


In a recent video, the “Likor” crooner is seen dancing to his latest tune in a mint green co-op set with kilted shorts setting the internet abuzz.

Paired with black and white Air Jordans and Nike socks, the outfit has become a focal point of discussion among netizens.

The video’s caption, “The lows make the high feel better ????????‍????,” seemed to echo the sentiment in his new song, Likor, that life is a journey of highs and lows, with each choice contributing to the overall experience.

As the video spread across social media, garnering more than 21,000 likes, comments flooded in from fans and colleagues alike.

DJ Vyrusky was quick to suggest that Osebo’s unconventional style was playing a role in inspiring children’s fashion choices.

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Dancegodlloyd humorously coined the term “Skort!” to describe the kilted shorts look, a combination of “skirt” and “short,” capturing the unique fusion of styles.

Another user also acknowledged the role that Osebo’s influence played in this sartorial shift, stating “Inspired by @osebo_thezaraman ????.”

Osebo The Zaraman, known for his eclectic and rule-breaking fashion sense, himself chimed in on the conversation. In a comment, he declared, “Sometimes we break the rules of fashion ????.”

Another quizzed, “Met Gala Anaa ????” while another shared “If normal person, ppl go take say madness. But celebrity dier e be fashion ????????????”

As social media continues to comment on his look, KiDi on the other hand is creating his own style by embracing not just an outfit but the spirit of bold self-expression and a dash of rebellion against the status quo.


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