Black Sherif’s Alleged Arrest: 7 things we’ve unravelled about the controversial dispute

Black Sherif is currently the VGMA Artist of the Year.

The news of Black Sherif’s alleged arrest upon his return to Ghana has sent shockwaves through the music industry and social media.

The ‘Oil In My Head’ singer who had been making headlines for his successful shows in Europe and America, found himself in the custody of the Ghana Police due to a contractual dispute over a show he was booked for in Greece.

As more details emerge, seven important points shed light on the situation.

The Cruise Ship Booking     


Black Sherif had been approached by a cruise ship music event interested in booking him for a show scheduled to take place in Greece in July 2023. The cruise organizers and Black Sherif’s talent agency outside of Ghana engaged in discussions regarding the terms and fees for the performance.

Initial Deposit and Contractual Terms 

The show promoters made an initial deposit of $20,000 to secure Back Sherif’s performance. The contractual agreement did not include a requirement for promotional videos for a press launch, but the singer was expected to show up and perform.

Dispute Over Promotional Videos     

The cruise organizers demanded promotional videos to promote the event, threatening to cancel the contract if not provided. The singer’s talent agency offered to refund the initial deposit, as it was not part of the agreed terms.

The Demand for $50,000 

Amid the dispute over promotional videos, the cruise organizers demanded $50,000 instead of the initial $20,000 deposit, leading to further disagreements and tension between the parties involved.

GH Hyper’s Involvement 

Ghanaian blogger Stephen Mingle, popularly known as GH Hyper, claimed to have recommended Black Sherif for the show and revealed that the show promoter, Mr. Van, is his uncle. GH Hyper shared details about the negotiations between Black Sherif’s camp and the cruise organizers.

Intervention Attempts       

Gramps Morgan and Baba Saddick were called in to mediate, but Black Sherif’s camp allegedly ignored their efforts. The matter was then reported to National Security before Black Sherif left the country for his European tour.

Arrest and Ongoing Investigation                     

Upon Black Sherif’s return to Ghana, he was apprehended by the National Security and CID to provide his side of the story. Sources indicate that the singer has been released as the investigation continues. Lawyers are working towards a resolution in the contractual dispute.

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As the situation unfolds, it becomes evident that the arrest of Black Sherif is a result of a contractual disagreement between the cruise organizers and the singer’s talent agency.

The matter is being thoroughly investigated, and calls have been made for comments from Black Sherif’s team, who are yet to respond.

Fans and industry stakeholders are anxiously awaiting further updates to understand the full scope of the dispute and its potential implications on the artist’s career.

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