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My song ‘Hyebre Sesafo’ changed Salinko’s life – Obaapa Christy


Gospel Powerhouse, Obaapa Christy has revealed how her hit single, ‘Hyebre Sesafo’  (Destiny Changer) transformed the life of Kumawood actor, Salinko.

The gospel minister took the opportunity to express her gratitude and excitement for the impact her music had on the life of her audiences during her guest appearance on Onua FM’s Adwuma Adwuma with Osei Felicia.

Recounting her numerous experiences, Obaapa Christy said she received a call from a fellow industry colleague, Salinko who informed her of a token of appreciation being sent to her phone.

“A while back I received a call from one of my brothers in the industry and he said ‘ Obaapa, I’ve sent a token of appreciation to your phone’, when I’m done I’ll mention his name because I am excited and grateful. Maybe he’s listening or someone will listen and tell him to listen,” she recalled.

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Although she initially wondered what she had done to deserve it, her colleague explained that he had been travelling and had been deeply moved by Obaapa Christy’s song, “Hyebre Sesafo.”

“I asked him what I did to deserve it and he said he was travelling and he’s been listening to my song  ‘hyebre sesafo’ and the song is doing something profound in his life,” she continued

Acknowledging the impact of the money transfer, Obaapa Christy said she was surprised to discover that her colleague had sent her a significant sum of money as an offering even though she was expecting a simple credit transfer.

“When he said he was making an offering I figured it was something for credit but it was a very hefty amount of cash. Actor, Salinko, God bless you,” she said

She expressed her heartfelt appreciation to Salinko for his generous gesture and extended her blessings to him.

Moved by the impact her music had on Salinko’s life, Obaapa Christy also offered a prayer for all her listeners.

“My prayer is that everyone listening to me God will give you your heart desires “- Obaapa Christy prayed.

Watch her interview below 


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