Stonebwoy’s Livingstone Foundation provides clean water to communities affected by illegal mining


Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall Artiste, Stonebwoy, through his Livingstone Foundation, has taken a commendable step towards providing potable drinking water to communities affected by illegal mining in the Western Region.


In response to a distressing video showing the dire condition of water sources in these communities, Stonebwoy and his foundation led by his wife, Louisa Satekla took action to address the issue.

Upon discovering that several communities along the River Pra had been affected by the contamination caused by illegal mining, Stonebwoy’s Livingstone Foundation commissioned the installation of four mechanized boreholes.

“It all started with a video we saw online of the kind of water people in this community have been drinking since river Pra got contaminated by illegal mining. Initially, when we got here we thought it was one community but we realised several communities along the river have been affected so we ended up making four boreholes,” Louisa Satekla told TV3

The communities that benefited from this initiative are Buko Awukuukorpe, New Daboase Junction, Beposo Nkran, and Auntie Mboa in the Shama District.

These communities heavily relied on the River Pra as their main source of water, but the pollution resulting from mining activities rendered it unsafe for consumption.

The provision of clean water through the boreholes brings a sigh of relief to the affected residents.

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Christian Ampaah, the Assemblyman for the area, expressed his gratitude and spoke against the detrimental impact of illegal mining on the River Pra.

“Looking at the state of the River Pra it’s very bad due to the illegal activities of Galamsey our main source of water is  the River Pra and it is not good for drinking so we are very happy for what we are seeing today,” he said

Stonebwoy speaking to the media, urged the government to address the water crisis in these communities.

He also stressed his commitment to making a difference  while expressing his satisfaction with the progress made in these communities

“For me, it’s priceless, After my music on the topic, I followed up and made sure that the world knows and the world understands what we are facing. Here we are and what is being done. I don’t have to look at others who are not doing it, I have to look at myself and ask have I done it?? And of course, I am trying,”Stonebwoy told tv3

Born Livingstone Satekla,  Stonebwoy is known for using his music to raise awareness about social issues and continues to create positive change through his humanitarian activities.

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