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Voices of 2023: “Travelling shaped my mentality on sports organizations” – Thierry Nyann


Voices of 2023 captures the extraordinary stories of ordinary people, all sharing their rollercoaster ride through the year 2023.  It’s a chance to peek behind the curtain and see the real stories, triumphs, and struggles, of the people who made an impact in the 2023 media, entertainment, and entrepreneurial space. 

This episode of Voices of 2023 features Thierry Nyann a Ghanaian television personality at TV3. 

Here is how the year went for  Thierry Nyann.

In your opinion, how did the year 2023 go for you?

“I think 2023 has been eventful. There have been a lot of things that have happened since the start of the year till now and I can’t begin listing them. It’s been a lot of great strides I’ve taken personally and I’ve accomplished new things and been to new places, hurdles conquered. It didn’t start too well for me. I lost my mum towards the end of last year, I was in a sorrowful mood, but things picked up and got better. It has been a very good year.”

What do you consider the most significant milestone that shaped the year 2023?

“If I want to talk about milestones, I won’t know where to start from because like I said a lot of great stuff. Like I said it started in January when I met some beautiful people all over the continent. I got to tour a lot of beautiful places, and it shaped my mentality on sports organizations as a country and just how these guys are far gone since then I have looked at sports differently and I think that has shaped me. Personally, there have been a lot of great strides as well. I think I have made significant progress personally and I have gone to see new places, I love travel and doing new things. That I hadn’t done in previous years. 2023 I have mentioned the milestones and it has been a good year”

As 2023 winds down, what are your Aspirations for 2024?

“Yes of course, every new year comes with new expectations from people and you. So my bosses are expecting better things from me, my colleagues are expecting to see a better human being, I am expecting to see a better person from within so all inherent things we expect to come out. I think the warm-up plus festival for example in 2023, we want to go bigger next year, there are a lot of plans for the department. On a personal level, there are a lot of great things I will want to achieve including my bank account. I want to see that one improved. A lot more zeros at the end. You know I don’t want the first numbers to increase, I just want more zeros. Instead of 100,000 someone will say I want 200,000. Why do that when you can add more zeros it becomes one million. That is financial goals I also have another professional goal, I don’t want to talk about it but I’m sure you will see them, materialize. For those that don’t materialise, we will keep pushing to the next year until they materialize so we will get there. ”

Give a shout-out to someone who played a significant role in your life this year

“My mother has been with me spiritually, cheers to you if you’re watching but besides that, I think I have had exciting people around me, people that have kept my energy high especially when my energy is very low. I want to say thank you to those people. Family friends, people who have been there for me, it’s been a difficult year too, I’ve had to deal with difficult people, scenarios, and situations. But I’ve had great counsel as well, I like the fact that I have good counsel by my side as well. And even the successes, I have shared with them as well, just having these genuine people around you, you know you are getting support when you are low and when younger high they are cheering you on. Above your expectations. I don’t want to mention names but you know yourselves. I have had good people around me and it a kind of year I needed people and I am thankful for everyone close to me”

Thierry Nyann has had a great year even though the year started on a sober note, but he got to travel, learn new things, meet great people, and is looking forward to adding more cash to his bank account. 

Voices of 2023 is a reminder that we’re all human, facing similar challenges and celebrating similar joys, even if we come from different walks of life. So get ready for a heartwarming, thought-provoking, and relatable journey through the ups and downs of 2023 with Voices of 2023.

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