Kwaku Tweet Advocates for Strategic Use of Social Media by Ghana’s Music Industry


Social media strategist, Kwaku Tweet has said that Ghanaian artistes should consider being strategic with the use of social media.

Speaking with King Kwaku Mensa on Showbiz University, the social media expert indicated that  Ghanaian artistes do use social media but they can do much better.

“Personally, I’ll say we’ve made use of it but we’ve not done enough. There is more room for improvement,” he stated.

Sharing his opinion on how social media has evolved over the years and in recent times, suits the profession of musicians, Kwaku Tweet suggested that Ghanaian music was making a name for itself.

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“These are my opinions. Please don’t come for me if you are listening to this. I believe right now, we are exploring a whole lot. Before, it used to be just Twitter and YouTube hoping to blow but with the advent of TikTok, we see it is doing the magic for most of our artistes with the whole dance challenge and it’s making our music make waves in other countries. We’re gradually penetrating Nigeria, we’re going out there,” he opined.

Comparing the numbers Ghanaians and Nigerians enjoyed, Kwaku Tweet highlighted the fact that the former need to be a bit more deliberate in pushing their content.

“The first thing I’ll say is, numbers count. If you look at the market Nigerians have, it’s huge so the little they do, with a little push, they get the numbers. I believe they are very deliberate with pushing their stuff. Ours, I’ll say is ‘Let me try and see’. When we are deliberate, I think our content we’ll be seen out there,” he said.

Using the platform given him, the social media strategist advised all Ghanaian artistes saying, “If we are supposed to use social media, we need to be very strategic about it: look at the kind of content we put on which platform and what works where. The strategy is something they should look at.

They should be original on social media because people like to see the different sides of artistes, it pushes their content. If you don’t have a team, build one and put someone in charge of your socials; someone who has knowledge on how to sell you online.”

By Esther Aryee||Ghana

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