I’m grateful for God and my wife’s forgiveness because I cheated on her with multiple women- Adjetey Anang reveals in new memoir


Ghanaian actor, Adjetey Anang, who recently launched his self-titled memoir, Adjetey Anang; A Story of Faith, Imperfection, and Resilience, revealed in the chapters of the book that he had defiled his marital bed by being unfaithful.

The actor popularly known as ‘Pusher’ openly admitted to cheating on his wife, Elom Anang both emotionally and physically during their 15-years marriage

The revelation, shared in chapter nine of the book titled “Marital Challenges and Imperfection,” delves into his experiences and provides insight into his journey of personal growth and redemption.

On page 115 of the memoir, he writes, “You could say I was naive from the start about subtle amorous hints and perhaps made a lot of assumptions about people’s motives till it was too late. Soon, I got bolder, more daring, and more adventurous, and sometimes I initiated flirtatious conversations and led many on.

He further stated, “Yes, I have cheated on my wife before in the various forms that cheating could be defined as, both emotionally and physically,”

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Recognizing the gravity of his actions, Anang described his behaviour as inappropriate and extends heartfelt apologies to his wife and every woman he engaged with during those moments.

“I have been in very compromising situations with ladies. Some started as admiration and fun and after frequent chats, developed into flirting and occasionally went too far,” he continued

He revealed that he struggled to forgive himself and acknowledged that these experiences became the lowest points in their marriage, nearly tearing them apart.

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“I’ve struggled to forgive myself and these experiences have been the lowest points in our marriage and nearly tore us apart,” he said.

Anang, 50, expressed his deep gratitude for his wife Elom Anang’s forgiveness and the unwavering love that has strengthened their bond during the darkest times.

“I’m grateful for God and Elom’s forgiveness and the love that has kept us going strong through those dark times.”

The renowned Ghanaian actor known for his remarkable achievements in the film and entertainment industry released his memoir on Saturday, July 8, 2023, to mark his 50th birthday in a grand manner.

The multifaceted event at the Skybox Event Centre in Accra attracted several dignitaries and colleagues in the entertainment industry.

The event also saw the launch of his foundation, One In A Million, which will engage one hundred influential individuals, including Anang’s colleagues, mentors, and their families, to contribute 1 Cedi per day for a decade for special causes.

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